среда, 26 февраля 2014 г.

VLC 2.2 http lua interface || nginx basic auth upstream

Yesterday i updated VLC from version 2.0.8 to 2.2 nightie. As i expected, this broken some things. Developers of http lua interface decided that i NEED to have password to access web-interface of VLC. Good idea, but why they didn't done this before? On the days of version 2.0 i came to same idea, and added nginx proxy in front of vlc remote http interface. And auth was done on nginx behalf. Another bad thing - you can only set http interface password, but not login. Login will be always blank. And i told all the users login/password combination and not wanted to tell everyone new combinaton of ""/password. SO! I'll do basic auth at nginx upstream section.
server {


  server_name  _;

  location / {
    proxy_redirect    off;
    proxy_set_header  Host             $http_host;
    proxy_set_header  X-Real-IP        $remote_addr;
    proxy_set_header  X-Forwarded-For  $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;
    proxy_set_header Authorization "Basic OjEyMzQ1Ng==";
    auth_basic            "closed site";
    auth_basic_user_file  htpasswd;
Interested line in config is:
proxy_set_header Authorization "Basic OjEyMzQ1Ng==";
OjEyMzQ1Ng== - is a hash from login:password, you can generate it in console window:
$ echo ":123456" | base64
But vlc doesn't accept that hash, so i will sniff http trafic from my browser to vlc interface, directly, without nginx:
# tcpdump -n -w - -i en0 host | strings | grep -i Basic
tcpdump: listening on en0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 65535 bytes
Authorization: Basic OjEyMzQ1Ng==
Don't know why is it so, but in this hash there is one char less and additional = char in the end of string.
Example vlc runit script, just in case: /etc/sv/vlc/run
killall vlc
killall cvlc

exec 2>&1

exec /bin/su - vlc -l -c "taskset 8 cvlc --http-password=123456 -vv -I http $PLAYLIST"
taskset 8(process will be assigned to 4rd core, 2^3) is workaround for old bug that exist in VLC(or, at least, existed earlier): VLC player with high uptime, when linux kernel scheduler moves vlc process from core to another core and back, sound output becomes stuttering. This workaround fixes this.

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