вторник, 28 апреля 2015 г.

Uboot alternative - Breed.

Chinese developer Hackpascal released his alternative to standard routers uboot - Breed. It is universal bootloader that supports MT7620/MT7620a from MTK and AR9344 chips from Atheros. Most important features are:
  • web-interface
  • possibility of entering bootloader without using hardware button
  • telnet access to bootloader's cmdline
Telnet test:
$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Boot and Recovery Environment for Embedded Devices
Copyright © 2015 HackPascal 
Build date 2015-04-07 [git-3bc4220]
Version 1.0 (r446)

Starting breed built-in shell

breed> help^M
Avaliable commands:
about    - About this bootloader
arp      - Display ARP table
autoboot - Detect firmware type and boot automatically
boot     - Boot firmware
btntst   - Test GPIO of buttons
dhcp     - Display DHCP leases
exit     - Exit from telnet
flash    - Flash utility
gpio     - GPIO utilities
help     - Show avaliable commands
mem      - Memory operation utilities
mii      - MII utility
net      - Network control
netstat  - Display network state
reset    - Restart device
setbrg   - Set baudrate
sysinfo  - Display system information
thread   - Display all threads
wget     - Retrieval file through HTTP

You can download this new bootloader here: http://breed.hackpascal.net/ But beware - this loader is closed source, so noone can know, what's inside of it.

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